What You Need to Know about the Reopening of Ohio’s Casino Industry

Casino Industry

Gambling fans in Ohio had all the reasons to be happy as the casino industry was expected to open up and bring about the classic experience of gambling. As a result, things started to become exciting, and the new venture was carried forward with ease. Based on the new rule, records were set straight, and the figures for September tend to speak a lot about the reaction of people. So to give you a complete idea of all that happened, here’s what you need to know about Ohio’s casino industry.

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Casinos and Racinos

Based on the new order, both casinos and racinos were expected to begin operations and take control of the market that they once owned. While they were initially closed down due to Covid-19, they were reopened as restrictions were eased all around the place. From horse racing to casino gambling, businesses related to the gambling industry have begun operations, and one can visit either of these places and make the most of their money.


Covid-19 Rules and Regulations

While the gambling scene is back in the game, things are not the same as it was before. As the effect of the pandemic still looms at large, you will be faced with a lot of restrictions while gambling and placing bets on games that you love. So strict health and safety protocols are in place, and people will have to cooperate with the same if they wish to gamble like before. Social distancing that extends up to six feet and face masks or shields and other related aspects are all a part of the new picture.

Behind 2019

Ohio and gambling was a solid relationship that was hard to break, but Covid-19 did so in an effortless manner. With that, the records that these casinos established also disappeared because the latest figures cannot match up to the previous ones. Revenues that remain between $72 – $76.7 million (June 2020) are the new figures, while 2019 was stable with $161.4 million (June 2019). Due to that, it is quite hard to comprehend these figures, although one can understand the reason for the same.

The Future

While these casinos may not catch up with the previous year, the future might bring about a change for the better. Since many are staying back at home, they will eventually step out once the pandemic disappears from the world. Due to that, we hope and believe that the future will make effective changes, and humanity will eventually win the fight against Covid-19. So we need to wait and watch the turn of events and how they will end up being.

Hence, that was our take on what you needed to know about the reopening of Ohio casinos.

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