Historic Mount Vernon: Ohio’s Jewel

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  2. March 20, 2013 8:21 pm

Historic Mount Vernon: Ohio's Jewel

Mount Vernon is one of the most historic towns in Ohio. Central to many cities, Mount Vernon is visited by tourists year round. The city is not only historic, but incredibly beautiful. Named after George Washington’s plantation of the same name, Mount Vernon was founded in 1805.

Because of its central location, the city was a stop for trains as they chugged between Cleveland and Columbus. Trains also made a pit-stop in the city when traveling between Sandusky and Newark. Today, the city lies at the end of the line for the Ohio Central Railroad.

Locals love to talk to tourists about the history of this famous city. The Woodward Opera House still stands downtown and is the oldest of its kind. In 1959, a flood renowned in the area caused five-million dollars worth of damage and caused the evacuation of 500 homes. More recently, in 2006, an F0 tornado hit the city.

Jobs are provided in the area by major factories and two universities. Cooper Industries, Ariel Corporation and Mount Vernon Nazarene University are all located in Mount Vernon. Kenyon College is located in nearby Gambier, providing both jobs and educational opportunities to the people of the region.

From sporting stars to politicians, it’s difficult to not hear talk of local celebrities while you’re in town. Among the city’s most notable residents are Paul Lynde, Fred Dailey, Jim Stillwagon and Chris Allen. Current residents of the town are understandably proud of the past residents who have “made it.”

The seat of Knox County, Mount Vernon is a beautiful, historic town that should be on anyone’s must-see list. From quaint, historic buildings to major factories, the city is a shining example of the Midwest. The next time you find yourself cruising down U.S. Route 36, make sure to stop in and say hello.

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